Technical Services

Business Plans, Financial Performance Analysis, Loan Packaging, and Virtual Assistant Services that are hands-on and necessary for the success of your business.

Business Planning

A solid business plan should be your blueprint for becoming and maintaining a successful business. Every business, whether a start-up or long-time existing business should have a plan and work it. Business plans include the business goals, initiatives, market assessment, financial forecasts, marketing activities and exit strategies. Business owners gain a tactical advantage by joining an Initiatives Group advisor in creating their business plan

Financial Performance Analysis

Let’s us provide a complete evaluation of your business overall financial standing and assist in understanding assets, liabilities, equity, revenues and expenses. A financial performance analysis examines the business at a specific period of time, like month over month and year to date and develop key performance indicators (KPIs) for you to track, measure and continue monitoring the financial health of your business.

Loan Preparation

Initiatives Group advisors will be with the business owner every step of the way when seeking financing for your business. We will review your project feasibility to obtain funding to start or expand your business. Additionally, we assess possible governmental programs available and eligibility requirements. Loan packaging combines your business plan and financial projections and tells the company story of how the funds will be used. We help make a good impression with lenders.

Virtual Assistant

Handling administrative and marketing tasks is time consuming and shifts an entrepreneur’s focus from the big picture and goal achievement. Initiative Group VAs assist with tasks such as marketing and social media content creation, word processing and spreadsheet creation to name a few. Need an e-brochure for your next big event or a social media campaign to promote your services? We can assist. How about an employee handbook or “how to” manual for your customers? We can assist.

Or maybe you need bookkeeping services because tracking your business financials is daunting and takes up your time. Initiatives Group provides not just ordinary bookkeeping services but analysis of your financial performance and indicators to keep you aware of opportunities and challenges. Take your “bookkeeping services” to the next level with on-going forecasting and business plan updates.

Notary Public

For all the important documents. Check out our electronic Notary services for your convenience.